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I'm Maggie Baczkowski, one of the top-producing real estate brokers in Chicago with @properties and founder of MB Luxury Group

For years, I’ve received all sorts of information, advice, and insight on the real estate market from experts across a variety of industries. Now, I’m looking to pass this information along to you! Each episode, we will feature premiere listings and sit down with the best and brightest to break down what’s happening in the market!

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Sep 20, 2018

On episode 103 of Making Sense of the Market with Maggie Baczkowski, we're Breaking Down Blockchain, Mortgages, & New Exchanges with Dr. Richard Sandor

Also known as the Father of Financial Futures, Dr. Sandor is Chairman and CEO of the American Financial Exchange, an electronic exchange for direct/interbank financial institution lending and borrowing.

In this episode, he answers questions about blockchain and its influence on the market, the micro and macro factors that impact real estate, and the tipping point for a neighborhood to increase or decrease in value.


Be sure to check out Dr. Sandor’s latest book, Electronic Trading and Blockchain: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

Electronic Trading & Blockchain